Startup Due Diligence Checklist

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Accelerate your startup's funding round closure with this extensive due diligence checklist, accessible in Notion and Excel. Customized for investors and entrepreneurs, this checklist facilitates internal document organization and expedites fundraising rounds by enabling efficient, well-informed decision-making for investors and VCs.

Features πŸ—’οΈ

βœ… Receive both a Notion template and an Excel spreadsheet

βœ… Includes sections for Business, Finance, Tech, HR, and Legal

βœ… Easily check off items you have already collected

βœ… Reference numbers to easily keep track of each item

βœ… Ability to assign each item to a responsible person to keep them accountable

βœ… Add a deadline date for each item

Questions πŸ™‹

  • Does this template work on the Free version of Notion?
    Yes, all you need is a free account plan.
  • How do I get this Notion template?
    Once you've completed the purchase, you'll be redirected to a page with a link to the Notion template where you can click "Duplicate" in the upper right corner to copy it to your Notion workspace.
  • How will I receive the Excel version?
    You'll automatically receive the Excel version after purchase.
  • Can I share this template?
    No, respect the creator! This is a personal Notion template for individual use only.
  • I've got more questions or requests!
    Contact me via Twitter.
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Startup Due Diligence Checklist

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